Friday, 10 February 2017

Assistive Communication with ECTkeyboard

All About The ECTkeyboardECTkeyboard serves as a program which will allow individuals with reduced motor skills to type text letter by letter. The program works jointly with eye tracking applications (for example, ECTtracker as well as identical programs), allowing to choose characters within a text matrix via eye movements together with blinking. Additionally, it facilitates direct input of characters from the virtual keyboard through contracting a muscle as well as a muscle group, pulling the air or some other means available to men and women having restricted motor skills.The main window of the software is a text matrix together with a set of symbols or pictograms, the look and the order of which may be individualized by the end user. ECTkeyboard allows to enter text using various techniques : Step by step- setting , in which the program highlights one character immediately after another , and the user selects the specified character by means of blinking or any other accessible action; Coordinate setting ( any time the selection is actually made horizontally and vertically) where the end user initially signifies the row or even the column just before selecting the required character in them; Separating regime, in which the entire text matrix gets split in 2, after being selected the part containing the specified letter splits in turn, and so -on until finally just one character is selected ; Virtual keyboard mode enables to use a mouse or another manipulator unit. Operating modes are usually suited to distinct groups of users having restricted motor skills; all typed text is actually registered to a file.ECTkeyboard features a basic interface, however in addition a plurality of customizable settings. Almost any parameter can be adjusted - the number of letters inside a row or column, matrix colors, colors as well as font style of a selected cell or to the entry delay, allowing to choose the most pleasant work pace, steer clear of fatigue plus help to make working together with ECTkeyboard as pleasant as it can be. Almost all configurations may be imported to files allowing to swiftly swap them.  

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