Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Certified Home Inspection Edmonton - YEG Inspections




Are you looking for a certified home inspection in Edmonton? but don't know who to trust?

This is a helpless feeling, and I know exactly how you feel.

There's nothing more frustrating than home inspectors that don't do a thorough job, taking advantage of new home owners. And to make matters even worse they expect a high fee when they complete the inspection.

You feel like all your hard earned money going out the window and on top of that your home inspector might have missed an important issue with your new home in a hurry to do his home inspection.

All the while taking advantage of home owners and their lack of experience with the home inspection process.

Until now there was only two ways to select a certified home inspector. One was to hope your realtor or colleague suggested a good home inspector or spend hours searching for a certified home inspector in Edmonton on your favourite search engine.

However the problem with these options is that the home inspectors selected by the realtor or colleague is not always selected based on their qualifications and searching the internet for a certified home inspector takes up a lot of your valuable time. And it's for this reason that I'm pleased to present YEG Inspections - Certified Home Inspections Done Right The First Time 

YEG Inspections has been helping new home owners and sellers with quality home inspections with over 27 years of background experience in home renovations and construction.

Certified by InterNACHI and an extended background in construction, YEG home inspections allows you to acquire the very best home inspection easily and efficiently.

Now what makes this home inspection service different than any other home inspection service out there? YEG Inspections offers Buy Home Back Guarantee, $10 000 Honour Guarantee, Easy to read and timely reports, RecalChek, 5 Year Roof Warranties, 90 Day Home Warranty, SewerGard, MoldSafe and more, all free with your home inspection

No after hours or weekend rates AND you have an iron clad guarantee that you will be happy with your home inspection or you don't pay.

Let me show you exactly the process how this home inspection works 1- We arrange an appointment to meet at the home to be inspected 2- We send you an email with our contract in it for you to read and fill out and sign prior to the inspection. 3- I fill out a detailed report investigating over 400 items in your home and note any deficiency's or potential issues.

4- I go over the final home inspection report with you in person or over the phone. Here's just a small sample of what's covered in the home inspection report: Inspection of over 400 items in the home including

roofing * foundation * exterior * structure* attic and insulation * plumbing * electrical

* heating and cooling systems * interior finishes *By now you're probably wondering how much a home inspection with YEG Inspections is going to cost?

And that's a fair question given that my services as a home inspector in Edmonton start at $300 an hour. And the average home inspection takes over 4 hours.

But the reason I created YEG home inspections in the first place is because I wanted an affordable and reliable solution to quality certified home inspections in Edmonton, and I want you the new home owner to have access to this too.

For a limited time, and only from this video, you can get FULL access to YEG home inspections and all their warranties and guarantees for a single one time payment of just $495 (Price subject to change without notice)

So if you've had enough of unscrupulous, seedy home inspections, and you're ready to get a professional certified home inspection with 100% satisfaction guarantee, just click the link below the video now.

Still not convinced? You'll be glad to know that YEG Inspections comes with my personal 100% Rock Solid, money back guarantee.

If you don't LOVE my home inspection, for whatever reason, then I actually don't want your money.

All you have to do is shoot me a quick email or call and I'll immediately refund every cent.

Have you wasted enough of your time, energy, and sanity on trying to do a DIY home inspection? or trying to find a quality home inspector on the internet?

The good news is that you can trust us here at YEG Inspections to take care of all your home inspections needs  by simply calling us today to book your appointment.

Imagine what it will feel like to move into your new home and know that there are no issues that could harm your family or investment.

So click the Link below this video and let's get you started today with a Certified Home Inspection with YEG Inspections

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