Friday, 30 June 2017

2nd Annual History of Live Streaming - Guests LiveX, PodJamTV, EventStream & LSPs! 
School is now in session! Ever wonder how live streaming came to life? This Friday we are hosting our second annual History of Live Streaming Overview on YouTube LIVE.
June 23rd, 2017, the 2nd annual History of Live Streaming show will air live on YouTube at 11AM Pacific 2PM Eastern. The “Brief History of Live Streaming” show is an annual live event produced in black and white using the latest live streaming and video production software and equipment. The show is hosted by PTZOptics, Chief Streaming Officer Paul Richards who will interview Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros, Corey Behnke of LiveX, Michael Dawson of EventStream Canada and Marty McPadden of PodJam TV.
“I am excited to have so many experts from the industry help host this year’s History of Live Streaming show. Corey Behnke particularly is the mastermind behind the world’s most watch live stream… The Time Square New Years Eve ball drop.” Says Paul Richards. “Last year we had a great crew of industry experts including: Tom Sinclair of Streaming Idiots, Andrew Haley from Wirecast, Joe Husson from US Broadcast and Bruce Richardson from VideoLink Canada.” Richards continues “Every year we like to include new thought leaders in the industry to help us look back on how the industry has grown and how we got here.
The show is going to cover where live streaming started, the first video conference ever, trends over time, technology over time, where we are today, and more! We're joined by some of the top experts in the industry, featuring:
Luria Petrucci of Live Streaming Pros
Mike Latta AV Integrator
Corey Behnke of Live X
Eventstream Michael Dawson
and Marty McPadden of PodJam.TV
Join us LIVE on YouTube Friday, June 23 @ 2 pm EST 11 am PST
#PTZOptics #HistoryofLiveStreaming
Watch last years episode with Tom Sinclair, Bruce Richardson, Joe Husson and Andrew Haley here -

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