Monday, 5 June 2017

Elephant Gym 大象体操 – Spring Rain 春雨 bass cover by 小鸟人来啦

Had a lot of fun with this amazing track by 大象體操 (Elephant Gym), Elephant Gym is a bass-driven math rock trio from Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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I have no copy rights over this song, all copy rights to this song go to the band.

一月看完大象体操 live,两月买了贝斯,三月拜师学艺,四月开始练《春雨》,五月终于录完了,感觉还不错,自认为在乐句开头的合拍和整体的力度控制还可以。


声音由我弹的贝斯和原曲组成,其中贝斯通过 Zoom B3 内录,原曲的低频被我切掉之后,贝斯基本上听不太出来,就直接作 BGM 了。



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