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Credit Repair Los Angeles CA | How To Improve Credit Score Nationwide

Credit Repair Los Angeles CA. FREE eBook “8 Tips To A 800 Credit Score” at Call at 866.9.NEWSKY for FREE consultation & honest credit repair services Los Angeles, CA. Is credit repair legit? Of course, if you understand the law and follow the rules. Many competitors use shortcuts that will raise your score today but kill it tomorrow. At credit repair services Los Angeles, CA, we repair your credit for the future.  

Credit repair services Los Angeles, CA honors the law. Credit disputes decrease FICO scores and holds up mortgage loans. We rebuild your credit to purchase homes and provide long-term health to your credit. The FICO credit industry deserves the black marks for rip-offs and scams. Want to learn the right way to build your credit? Call us today for a free consultation. 

Credit repair Los Angeles, CA prides itself as the most complaint company in the state of California and nationwide. More than 98% of credit repair agencies in California cannot legally accept funds from California residents. New Sky Funding can! 

I challenge every other company to prove to me they follow all federal and state laws. We do! We're proof it can be done. 

At Credit repair services Los Angeles, CA, we improve credit score nationwide. Our results speak for themselves. 

Below is a list of what is considered illegal under federal and state laws:

The Fair Credit Reporting Act does NOT give the consumer the authority to dispute any credit item.

It is completely ILLEGAL to dispute current, accurate and verified information on your credit report. A disclosure form stating this should be provided by all credit repair companies as part of the federal Consumer Credit Protection Act. 

If a creditor is reporting an item in the last 60 days, that information is not disputable. 

Items not reported past the statute of limitations are NOT disputable. So, the question begs, how do I obtain legal credit repair services? Easy, follow the steps provided by our consultants i.e. don't dispute current, accurate, or verified credit items. 

One of the biggest misconceptions of credit repair is when to collect the fee. It is ILLEGAL to collect the fee in full up front. 

The Attorney General must approve the contract per federal and state law.

In most states, companies that are not bonded for $100,000 and registered on an annual basis with the Attorey General cannot accept any funds from state residents. 

If you’re not going with credit repair services Los Angeles, CA (why not?), at least ensure to see the company’s registration information with the Attorney General's office. Don’t hire a fraud! 

If a law suit is filed with No basis of truth, it is a fraud upon the court. They call it Bad Faith lawsuit.

That’s the just of it. A list of what’s legal and what’s not under the federal and state laws of California. 

Credit repair Los Angeles, CA works with all 50 state Attorney Generals to ensure residents receive fair and ethical credit repair services. 

Contact us today at 866.9.NEWSKY. Get our FREE eBook “8 Tips To A 800 Credit Score” at

At credit repair Los Angeles, CA, we help you achieve your dreams of that family home where memories are created and healthy credit for those emergency situations. 

Get a FREE consultation today at 866.9.NEWSKY!

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