Saturday, 10 June 2017

Planet Peepz

"A unique DIY advertising platform where companies have the power to build their own auto-engage ads, digital coupons, upsells, vouchers, and more." - The Huffington Post 

"Planet Peepz prides itself on being designed 'For the People, By the People.'" - The Next Web

The Planet Peepz Mktplace Platform!

The 'Revolution By Evolution Movement' Has Begun!!!

'FOR The People, BY The People'


• Do-It-Yourself Platform! (YOU...are in control!)

- Create your own ads!

- Manage your own ads!

*** Revolutionary NEW Cross-Marketing Platform ***

• FREE Advertising!!!

$$$ SAVE MONEY $$$

• FREE Reservation Software!!! (Restaurants, Stores, etc.)

$$$ SAVE MONEY $$$

• Only iPad or Android Tablet w/WiFi Required! 


• FREE Appointment Software!!! (Vets, Hair Salons, Barbers, Dentists, etc.)

$$$ SAVE MONEY $$$

• Everything in LIVE MODE!!!

• Reserve a 'TABLE' feature!

*** Entire Platform Adapts to 13 Different Languages *** - No More Communication Barriers! - More Languages Coming Soon! 

• eLoyalty Punch Card System!

$$$ SAVE MONEY $$$

• Get PAID CA$H for Referring People!

It's YOUR Money! Keep It And Prosper!

$$$ SAVE MONEY $$$

we ARE 'The People' Company!

The 'Planet Peepz' App!

Download June 1st, in the Apple and Google Stores!

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